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Most Commonly Asked Questions

How long do you have to be a provider to take this class?

CCEMTP℠ is open to any paramedic, nurse, physician, or respiratory therapist who has worked in that capacity for a recommended one (1) year. On a case by case basis, with written permission of the course medical director and site coordinator, exceptions may be made to this policy. All students are required to provide proof of a valid license upon registration. It is expected that students maintain a significant knowledge of current ACLS, CPR, PALS/PEPP, and ITLS/PHTLS standards. (Some sites have specific registration requirements, please refer to the individual site for their registration information.)

Does military medic time count towards the recommended one year experience requirement?

In most cases, military medic time does count towards the one year of recommended experience requirement. We determine this on a case by case basis. Typically independent duty corpsman and special forces medics have the skills and knowledge equivalent to or higher than a civilian field paramedic. Each military medic/corpsman, not possessing the paramedic designation, should provide the site coordinator with a letter from their OIC outlining the skills allowed to be performed at the advanced level.

Can the CCEMTP℠ course can be taken over the internet?

Unfortunately, CCEMTP℠ is not currently available over the internet. We do plan on making some of the lectures available through distance education, but with current university restrictions, we do not anticipate the course being available in the near future.

Can the CCEMTP℠ curriculum be integrated into my paramedic program?

As of now, the one year experience prerequisite may not allow the CCEMTP℠ program to be integrated into an initial paramedic program.

How far in advance should I register for a class?

Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Since the classes generally fill to capacity it is recommended that you register at your earliest possible convenience.

Why does the cost of the CCEMTP℠ course vary?

The costs of conducting a CCEMTP℠ course vary drastically depending on the sponsoring agency and location of the course. We do not release our budget information for our specific course because the expenses do not equivalently translate to other areas. The expenses involved however are as follows:

Faculty: Many sites are able to get faculty from local medical facilities or educational programs at minimal cost. Some faculty will teach as part of their responsibility to the medical community or employer. In addition, faculty that do require an honorarium often expect varying amounts based on the location. The expected honorarium in Baltimore would be different than the cost in El Reno, OK. You would need to check your available resources and see what is standard in your area. Even if you decide to fly faculty in from other locations, the honorarium expected often varies greatly from city to city. The hotel and travel expenses will vary, but if you plan to bring someone in the key is to make flight arrangements EARLY.

Facilities: Some agencies do not have to pay for classroom space of clinical observation. In other cites, a rental fee or clinical fee is required.

Audiovisual equipment: Many agencies are able to obtain audiovisual equipment at no cost; however, in some cases there is a rental fee.

Food/Catering: Some agencies supply full meal service while others supply no food at all. Some courses have been able to have meals have donated, so this expense varies greatly with the site.

Other expenses include photocopying of handouts, whether or not you wish to have some of the "extras" like name tags, desktops, student information packets, etc. Since we usually have students that come from diverse areas we try to offer as much local information as possible, but local students may not require as much information. The CCEMTP℠ course has been offered for as much as $1500 and as little as $300 depending on the location.

Can I reserve a space in a CCEMTP℠ class offered at UMBC?

Yes, by submitting the registration form, a copy of your current professional license, and course registration fee.

Can I have a copy of the CCEMTP℠ course outline or syllabus?

UMBC does not release copies of the curriculum to agencies that are not offering our course. There is, however, overall program information including topics that are covered on our web site.

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How can my agency sponsor a CCEMTP℠ program?

Since we require that the site coordinator of a CCEMTP℠ program be a graduate of a previous course, interested agencies are suggested to send the potential site coordinator through any one of the classes throughout the country.

You can also contact EHS PACE for additional information and a course sponsor packet.

When you sponsor a course, do you have to offer clinical rotations?

Although it is recommended that sites sponsoring CCEMTP℠ offer clinical rotations, UMBC does not require them since many agencies and schools are unable to obtain the clinical rotations in their area.

Do you have a core faculty that will travel to CCEMTP℠ sites to teach?

Many of our faculty and the faculty from some of our established sites will travel to teach CCEMTP℠ courses. We recommend that you identify local faculty that you want to use and their strong topics. Then if you supply us with a list of the topics you are unable to assign, we will be happy to recommend faculty.

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What are the requirements to sit for the CCEMTP℠ exam?

Students are required to provide proof of a valid, state or national professional license. (Some sites have additional requirements as outlined on their registration forms. Please check with the course site where your class is being offered.) Students must also have 100% attendance to sit for the exam.

What is the minimum passing score for the exam?

70% is the minimum passing score.

Does the exam use current American Heart Association standards?

Yes, candidates should be current in ACLS, PALS, etc., although we do not focus on those topics.

How often is the exam updated?

The exam is constantly updated.

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How do I arrange for a retest?

There are a few options for a retest. You may retest at either your original site or at any site that is conducting an exam. You would need to contact UMBC and the site coordinator well in advance to get specifics pertaining to the exam and location. A second option is to make arrangements to come to UMBC and retest during our normal business hours. The third option is to meet a representative of our department at a mutually agreed upon location for a retest (for example, a medical conference). Regardless of which option a student chooses, he/she must also contact so that appropriate materials can be prepared for the retest. We recommend contacting at least 1 week prior to anticipated retest exam date.

Does it cost to retest?

Yes - there is a $75 charge to retest.

How many times may I retest?

You may retest 2 times after your initial exam.

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Do I need to renew my CCEMTP℠ status?

The CCEMTP course completion is valid for three (3) years. It is your responsibility to submit your request for renewal and continuing education records to UMBC prior to the recommended renewal date.

How do I renew?

You can download the renewal forms from our web site (CCEMTP℠ Renewal) along with fourty-eight (48) hours of critical care related continuing education. Continuing education topics vary greatly so please see the renewal portion for more assistance or contact us directly with renewal related questions. or 410-455-3584

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I lost my card, how do I replace it?

You can request a duplicate wallet card or certificate by downloading and submitting the form found under CCEMTP / Post Course / Replacement Card

Which certification is best to have, CCEMTP, FP-C or CCP-C?

CCEMTP℠ is an educational program designed to provide the foundation for persons wanting to enter in to critical care or for those wishing to explore new areas of critical care (i.e. transport). It is recommended by many air medical programs as a pre-requisite to application. FP-C and/or CCP-C are certifying exams NOT courses. Very different. Many people have found that the CCEMTP℠ course adequately prepares them to take the FP-C and/or CCP-C certification exams. Often people best explain it as "education before certification" similar to your primary field education (be it paramedic or nursing school) prior to taking your certifications (NREMTP or RN).

Are there any rules, regulations, limitations, laws, or "bad things that could happen to me" regarding the CCEMTP℠ logo?

Since the CCEMTP℠ logo is registered as a service mark, the logo can only be used within the following guidelines: The logo is only to be utilized by approved sites during the course and for the purpose of advertising the program. Students may also utilize the patches to place on clothing. The logo can also be used as a direct link to our site on a web page. Any other use of the logo requires the expressed written consent of the Department of Emergency Health Services, UMBC.

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